CORE Process™

It’s not a coincidence that both our Vision and Values Statement begin with a focus on process. We believe how you do something is just as important as what you do. Anyone can do something once; but only when we consistently repeat the ‘how’ are we able to repeatedly accomplish the ‘what.’

Effective planning requires a clear understanding of both your current financial state (Circumstances) and your desired financial destination (Objectives). We then implement Radius Planning™ to ensure proper Execution of your plan.

Using the CORE Process™ ensures that each client receives a consistent experience that is tailored to their individual needs – not only during the initial phase, but throughout the entire relationship as we continue to monitor, update and adjust the plan.

As we periodically review your plan over time, we use the CORE Process™ in reverse. First, we Evaluate your current situation with a fresh set of eyes each time. Second, we discuss whether or not you want to Reconsider any financial objectives. Third, we determine if you are still On pace to hit your goals. If not, the final step is to discuss appropriate Corrections to get you back on track. We’ll repeat this cycle at each subsequent review. After all, good financial planning is not an event, but a process!